Weather Advantage (天の利 Ten no Ri) is the 225th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro uses the rain as his advantage in order to win a point against Ogata and reorganize his thoughts.


Ogata is surprised when Eiichiro uses a net play instead of the jump shot. He considers to observe Eiichiro when attacking but that will result to his slower reaction. On the other hand, Eiichiro's service game is the game-deciding moment for him whether the match will continue or end. As he prepares on his serve, rain droplets start to appear but since the referee has not stopped the match, Eiichiro continues his serve. Using his previous fault and the weather, Eiichiro takes advantage of these data in order to have a service ace. However, with Ogata's request and the rain starts to pour harder, the match halts temporarily and takes a break.

Inside the waiting room, Eiichiro feels frustrated on the interruption as he wants to win another point against Ogata. Realizing it, Coach Aoi convinces Eiichiro that instead of being frustrated, he should recover his stamina and stretch. On the other hand, Ogata thinks that he might lose the second set due to Eiichiro's drive and his own doubts but his girlfriend reassures him and tells him to use this time to remove the hesitation. While Eiichiro uses this waiting time to reorganize his thoughts using his notes, he is approached by Araya as his practice match against Soji is being broadcast. Most tennis players end up watching the match and praises Soji on how amazing he is.


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