Simulation (シミュレーション Shimyurēsyon) is the 226th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


While waiting for the games to resume, Eiichiro and Ogata use their time to simulate in order to win.


As Ogata watches Soji's in the broadcast, he comments on how stronger Soji has become and how catching up is more difficult than what he expects. Two hours later, the match resumes. As Eiichiro prepares for his serve, he remembers how he took advantage of the break in order to simulate various tactics so that he will not lose this point.

Betting everything on his first serve, Eiichiro hits a fast topspin to the center. When Ogata returns the shot, it is an out, thus, Eiichiro manages to get the set point first. Unfortunately, on Ogata's serve, he hits a service ace on the first one and using his delicate touch, he hits a short cross, managing Okada to get the match point.


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