Match Point (マッチポイント Macchi Pointo) is the 227th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

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Using his data and his simulation, Eiichiro manages to win against Ogata in the second set in spite of the pressure of the match point.


It is now Eiichiro's serve but the pressure is present as once he lost this point, he will lose in the match. Just as one believes in God during this kind of situation, Eiichiro decides to put his trust on his data. He, then, hits a quick serve, surprising Ogata as this is the first time Eiichiro uses it. While Ogata manages to return it, Eiichiro sets himself up to hit a jump shot as a finish. His surprise attack causes Ogata to become cautious. Every action is under his simulation thus he manages to regain his set point.

Eiichiro plans to finish the second set now because he will be at disadvantage if the tiebreaking game continues. Relying on his data and simulation, Eiichiro barely counters Ogata's attacks. As both players are moving forward and Ogata thinking that Eiichiro will rely on his reflexes, Ogata tries to hit a feint. Unfortunately, the ball hits the net and thus, Eiichiro wins the second set.