Final Set (第3(ファイナル)()()()()()()()()() セット Dai 3(Fainaru)()()()()()()()()() Setto) is the 228th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Final set starts and both players are not backing down on their service games.


A loud cheer emerges as Eiichiro has won the second set. Ogata thinks that he has underestimated Eiichiro's reflexes which causes him to miss his feint. On the other hand, Eiichiro wants to use this momentum he has to break Ogata's service game as soon as he can.

At the start of the final set, Eiichiro is aggressive from the start by using jump shot as a primary shot and mixed with his change-of-pace strategy, and the data he analyzed during the break. As Eiichiro successfully keeps his service game, Ogata cannot help but to overlap Eiichiro with Ike even though they have different tennis styles. For his attack, Ogata uses a bait to figure out how his opponent will think and strikes when his opponent is defenseless. With this, he is more focused on his aim rather than speed, which is actually effective and manages to keep his service games as well. As both players manage to maintain their service games, the final set continues until one of them will have a two-game lead.


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