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Courage (勇気 Yūki) is the 230th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Ogata has been subconsciously holding back due to his previous injury but after his fall, he attacks without hesitation at all.


Both players think the rain will be at their advantage so they want to use the rain to win this game. Eiichiro uses his change-of-pace strategy for Ogata to use his leg which is afraid to get injured. Ogata gets distracted with the noise created from the friction between his shoes and the wet court thus his shot misses and hits the net. He also occurs another miss when he heard the noise again. Taking advantage of the situation, Eiichiro wants Ogata run around the court.

Ogata pulls himself together and tries to counter the ball using a two-hand backhand. However, Ogata slides and falls over the court while the ball hits the net. The fall makes Risa panics but fortunately, Ogata is fine. Initially, Ogata feels scary with his fall but due to his fall he becomes more determined to do what it is needed to be done. He manages to win two consecutive points now that there is nothing that holds him back anymore and no hesitation on his attacks.


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