Complete Devotion (全身全霊 Zenshin Zenrei) is the 231st chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro's all-or-nothing jump shot is considered an out but it makes an impact to win the following point using his normal change-of-pace strategy.


Both players' instincts are telling them that this current game is the deciding factor to finish the match. After Ogata tries to control the pace, Eiichiro hits a winner using the jump shot but fails as the referee considers it an out. Eiichiro tries to protest but he did not, and instead, prepares for the next attack. He manages to win the next point by using his regular change-of-pace as he takes advantage of the all-or-nothing attack he did in the previous point and Ogata is too preoccupied in his jump shots.

With this, Eiichiro gets the first match point. The spectators are anticipating the results of the current game. Ogata recomposes himself in preparation for his next serve.