Value of Victory (勝利の価値 Shōri no Kachi) is the 233rd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


A lot of people are paying attention to Eiichiro now that a non-seeder has been included in the top 4 of All-Japan Junior Tennis Tournament. While he receives thanks from Ogata after their match, he also receives message from his next opponent, Kanda.


A big commotion is created when Eiichiro wins the match against Ogata. As his mother breathes a sigh of relief, Coach Aoi reminds Eiichiro's parents how difficult a pro's job will be. Ogata reflects on his match and contrary to what his girlfriend thinks, Ogata feels sad with his loss. On the other hand, Eiichiro feels happy as he has overcome Ogata's ability with his own.

Natsu meets Eiichiro at the gates and congratulates him for his win. While Natsu seems to be more confident, Eiichiro is still unsure of himself. Later, he sees Ogata together with his girlfriend. Ogata thanks Eiichiro that through their match, Ogata has truly come back to tennis competition. Finally, the top 4 of the boys' division is revealed: Nabae, Araya, Kanda and Eiichiro. Being a non-seeder and the fact that this is his first nationals, it is no question that a lot of universities and corporate sponsors will pay attention to him.

After Ogata leaves, Kanda approaches Eiichiro and calls him "genius". At first, Eiichiro wonders who Kanda calls "genius". Kanda tells Eiichiro how Kanda is interested on STC's teachings and how it is different to what he is experiencing. After this, with all his frustrations, he tells Eiichiro that he will never lose to someone who is flirting right after the match. Shirae ends up scolding Kanda and tells Kanda to apologize.


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