Not Adding Up, Not Taking Away (足さず引かず Tasa zu Hika zu) is the 30th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Everyone is bewildered when Iwasa ignores the ball even though Eiichiro manages to hit the ball towards to his area. Given this case, Eiichiro decides to keep racking points in order to win a game against Iwasa.


While Eiichiro is analyzing Iwasa's attacks, Iwasa thinks in relation to his latest drawing. On Eiichiro's service game, Eiichiro is surprised on how Iwasa can manage to hit a high speed flat that is close to the edge. Based on Iwasa's coach's teachings and references, Iwasa manages to learn tennis by telling him to draw instead of teaching him through technical terms. Through Iwasa's strong feelings on drawing, he manages to play tennis with amazing ability.

Eiichiro is desperately trying to destroy Iwasa's pace. After Iwasa hits a drop shot, Eiichiro manages to hit it towards Iwasa's side but Iwasa never goes after the ball, surprising everyone. Iwasa feels happy that his current opponent is a perfect match for him as he can challenge himself to do a phenomenal masterpiece. On the other hand, Eiichiro wonder if Iwasa has any interest on the match itself in spite of having such an incredible technique. He, then, decides to not to make any risks and wait until Iwasa finishes the drawing then finishes Iwasa off.