Latent Energy (底力 Sokodikara) is the 31st chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


With Eiichiro hitting all Iwasa's attacks until Iwasa finishes his drawing, the match becomes a series of rallies but Iwasa is not giving up yet as he wants to draw more pictures.


Using the information he had, Eiichiro decides to hit all Iwasa's attacks until Iwasa has finished his drawing. It may be difficult but Eiichiro manages to hit all the shots due to Eiichiro polishing his court covering skills for a year. As there was no change on Iwasa's attitude and Eiichiro's "strategy", the match takes a long time to finish.

During change courts, Eiichiro does not expect that his strategy will work. According to Yukichi, Iwasa's technique is his strength due to his control and accuracy. In Iwasa's case, since there will be one more game and he will lose, he decides to get a little series and he does not let Eiichiro to score. He also takes advantage Eiichiro's strategy to draw Monet's Water Lilies. As Eiichiro realizes that he cannot really win using court covering and control, he decides to use something on this game.