A Piece of Smile (笑顔のピース Egao no Pīsu) is the 32nd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro starts to combine all the techniques he polished for an entire year. As Eiichiro sticks to Iwasa's technique throughout the game, Iwasa's coach thinks Eiichiro is a bad match for Iwasa.


Yukichi explains to Kageyama and Sasaki on how Iwasa is considered to be strong. Iwasa can change the ball at any trajectory, course and speed. Eiichiro reviews his notes in order to change the current flow of the match and he uses his match against Terashima as reference.

Eiichiro's tennis style changes on the current match, which Iwasa becomes frustrated. Eiichiro is trying to remember his lesson with Coach Miura regarding on winning shot. Everything Eiichiro learns - serves, control, volleys, his experiences in the matches and Coach Mike's training, Eiichiro is starting to combine them and starts attacking until he manages to earn the point. As Iwasa's coach continues to watch the match, he thinks that Eiichiro is the worst match-up for Iwasa as Eiichiro has stuck to both Iwasa's strange tempo and technique. Iwasa smiles as he still has the confidence to "finish his picture".