A Whole New World (新しい世界 Atarashii Sekai) is the 34th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro's next match will be against Araya who has strong physique attacks and aiming to be pro. Natsu promises Eiichiro that if Eiichiro wins the next match, she will tell him the reason she wants to become a pro.


Iwasa tells Eiichiro that Araya, Eiichiro's next opponent, is aiming to become a pro. Using his strong physique, amazing power and speed, and technique, he manages to overwhelm his opponents. Even though he is a baseliner like Miyagawa, he relies on emotions when playing. Iwasa also feels that Eiichiro seems to be aiming as a professional tennis player as well.

Eiichiro observes Araya's match and as expected, Araya won the match. When Araya passes Eiichiro, Araya gives threats to Eiichiro which Oobayashi and Takuma were present, watching the scene. Oobayashi does not expect that Eiichiro will be included in the top 4 but is more surprised that Takuma seems to expect such results already. Takuma tells Oobayashi that Takuma is Eiichiro's opponent after Eiichiro's practice.

After the practice, Natsu tells Eiichiro that whatever opportunity comes, he must hold onto it - a win is a win even though it is due to luck. Eiichiro, then, asks Natsu on why she is aiming to become a tennis pro. Natsu promises Eiichiro that she will tell him the reason if he will win his next match against Araya.