A File to Throw Down Araya (打倒荒谷ファイル Datō Araya Fairu) is the 36th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro is doing good against Araya while using the information that he gathered from Takuma to take Araya down.


Sasaki and Kagayama manage to arrive on time for the Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit Semifinals and see Natsu at the sidelines. The tournament match of Maruo vs Araya is about to begin. Using the information Maruo gathered from Takuma, Maruo thought of a strategy to take down Araya. First, Maruo gives his best return and start striking him down. Second, since Araya is quick-tempered and impatient, Maruo spends on "fixing" his tennis racquet. Third, wait Araya out after Maruo hits the ball deep, straight to the middle at Araya's feet. Fourth, Maruo "gives up" in such a case that he will retain his mental state and will concentrate on his next return. Using these four points, Maruo manages to win his first game.

As the second game is about to start, Maruo remembers the points Takuma gave to him - Araya's play will start to get better. As Maruo is about to serve, he plans to apply his fifth point of taking Araya down.