Aggressive Meticulousness (強引な計画性 Gōin na Keikakusei) is the 37th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


With all the build-up Eiichiro did in order to take down Araya, Araya manages to recover after the fuss he created.


Using the fifth record in his file, Eiichiro continues to disrupt Araya's tempo. After Araya's last attack is considered to be an 'out', Araya goes complaining to the referee that his last attacks is an 'in'. Eiichiro remains confused on what was happening and was even asked by Araya regarding on the last point. The commotion stops when the referee issues a warning against Araya.

Eiichiro is trying to focus on the match after such commotion. On the next points, Araya manages to get it easily, as if he recovered his concentration about the commotion he caused.