Compensation (代償 Daishō) is the 39th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


After several attempts, Eiichiro manages to earn a point against Araya's counter.


Eiichiro formulates some methods in dealing with Araya's counters. Eiichiro moves up the court quickly in order to have enough power to score but this fell short as Araya's attack is faster before Eiichiro reacts. Still, Araya notices that Eiichiro's reaction on his attacks is becoming faster. Araya thinks that Eiichiro's observations (and written on his notes) makes his reactions faster than before, as Eiichiro manages to read Araya's play now. But Araya continues to increase his power and speed, resulting to win the first game.

On the next game, Eiichiro continues to slow down the pace with his return and waits for Araya's counter - and finally, manages to earn a point from Araya's counter. While Kageyama and the others are celebrating, Araya seems to be pissed off.


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