A Clue, Not Taking Away (糸口 Itoguchi) is the 40th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


With Eiichiro successfully held his service game and win against Araya in a rally, Eiichiro is starting to take the flow again.


On the next point, Araya uses more power in his hits in order to regain the lost point from Eiichiro's attack from his counter and later, keep his service game. While Eiichiro only managed to stop the counter once, Araya subconsciously checks Eiichiro's position, causing Eiichiro to have a more time to read Araya's movements. With this chance, Eiichiro keeps his service game for the first time.

Eiichiro is still at disadvantage as he has to break Araya's service game and hold all his service games in order to win the second set. He still does not have a strategy to do it, causing him to be in defense during his return games. At a rally, Araya's last attack is considered an out, making Eiichiro wonders the reason behind such miss. Coach Miura thinks that while subtle, Eiichiro is succesfully taking the flow for the second time.


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