Progression (進化 Shinka) is the 41st chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


As Eiichiro is about to regain the flow of the game, Araya punches himself in order for him to have a better control of his emotions.


Eiichiro realizes that he is regaining to control the flow of the game as Araya is getting impatient. Araya continues to use his power to end the game gaster as Eiichiro attacks Araya's weak points. Eiichiro is desperately holding his ground in the game as he wants to stay in the game longer.

Just as Araya's frustration is reaching its peak, a loud cheer echoes at the court. The match between Takuma and Oobayashi has ended, with Takuma emerging as the winner. After Araya's last attack is considered an out, Araya fell silent. The spectators think that Araya will cause a commotion again but instead, he punches his own face. Araya decides to focus more on Eiichiro, his current opponent. As Araya thinks that Eiichiro has an idea on his tennis style and personality, Araya starts to control his own emotions.