One Breaker (ワンブレイク Wan Bureiku) is the 42nd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro decides to rely on his persistence and instincts to break Araya's service game in order to win the second set and forces the game on the third set.


Eiichiro is frustrated because Araya managed to win the set just as he is about to get it from Araya. Eiichiro relies on his accuracy in order to keep his service game. Now that he controls his emotions, Araya starts to recognize Eiichiro's ability - while Eiichiro does not have speed, power or winning shot, his court covering and accuracy make up for his lack of experience - now considering Eiichiro a strong opponent.

Now that Araya is correcting his own weakness, Eiichiro thinks that there are no openings to take advantage now. He keeps on thinking on how to break Araya's service game.

Now the second set's score reached 5 - 4 (Araya leads), Eiichiro needs to break Araya's service game now in order to not to lose. Since he does not have any concrete plan as of this moment, Eiichiro starts to rely on his luck as he has faith on his own persistence. On the other hand, Takuma joins Natsu and others because he needs to see something on Eiichiro versus Araya's game.