The Skill To Win (勝つための技術 Katsu Tame no Gijyutsu) is the 43rd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Just as Eiichiro is reading Araya's serves, Araya is starting to adjust himself in order not to be read.


Eiichiro has to bet on everything on this current game. Normally, he relies on probabilities on his data in order to predict Araya's serves but now, he focuses more on checking Araya's stance - where he looked, how far he threw the ball, his current location on the court, his racket. Everyone is surprised how Eiichiro moves ahead of time, as if he managed to read Araya's moves.

Araya confirms his suspicions that Eiichiro has been reading his serves when he put a stance to hit a wide but instead, hits a head-on or when he is about to hit wide but changes to center. Eiichiro realizes that Araya realizes his strategy so he has no choice but to clear his thoughts to get the next point.


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