Influence (影響 Eikyō) is the 44th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


For the first time, Araya thinks of a strategy instead of relying on power and speed alone.


The current match has reached the deciding point whether it becomes Eiichiro's break point or Araya's match point. Araya wonders why Eiichiro did not manage to read his last serve. On the other hand, Eiichiro has no choice but to wait until Araya has hit the ball. While Eiichiro successfully reads Araya's serve, later on, Araya takes advantage of Eiichiro covering the open court. He hits the ball to where Eiichiro least expects to, resulting to his match point but Eiichiro gets the next point, reaching to deuce.

Araya gets the advantage first through an service ace. He considers of what serve he will hit in order to end everything - which is a first for him since before, he only relies only on power and speed. He uses a slice serve - which is unusual for him - but Eiichiro manages to hit since before Araya serves, he felt something bad. When Araya hits a lob, Eiichiro is about to hit a smash.


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