The Judgement (判断 Handan) is the 45th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Natsu consoles Eiichiro as Eiichiro feels frustrated that he lost the match against Araya. On the other hand, Takuma feels that Araya becomes stronger after his match against Eiichiro.


Eiichiro changes the direction of the ball using his wrist, which surprises Araya but he manages to hit the ball. Eiichiro is in stance to counter but a part of the ball hits the net, causing it to change direction and ends up on Eiichiro's side. Eiichiro fails to counter, thus, Araya gets the point and the match ends with Araya as the winner.

The court is filled with cheers to both players - Eiichiro to have a good match against Araya in spite of being a non-seeded player and Araya to win this year's Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit. For Coach Miura, this game will cause a change on the way they perceive their own tennis style. When Araya sees Takuma, Araya did not give his usual threats. Takuma feels that since Eiichiro exposes all of his Araya's weaknesses and Araya starts to correct those weaknesses, Takuma feels that Araya becomes stronger now.

Kageyama tells Sasaki to console Eiichiro but Sasaki is having second thoughts since she wonders if this is the right time to talk to him or what to talk about. Natsu approaches Eiichiro as Eiichiro had a good game against a seeded player but Eiichiro feels frustrated that his ability was not enough for him to beat Araya. Natsu consoles him and tells that his frustration is an amazing feeling.