The Strongest (最強 Saikyō ) is the 46th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Araya lost against Takuma but decides not to give his dream of being a pro. In Eiichiro's case, he meets a guy who is currently checking Eiichiro's notes in his bag.


The three-set finals match between Takuma and Araya begins. Araya gets the point first, surprising the spectators. Takuma thinks that Araya has learned something from his previous match against Eiichiro but since Takuma is Eiichiro's practice partner, he regains his composure immediately and attacks using his preferred serve-and-volley style.

As the match continues, Takuma praises Araya for his determination to announce that he will give up being pro if he loses. For Takuma, only his pride pushed him not to lose against players who seriously aim to become a pro. Now, he will not lose any match as he will become a pro. On the other hand, Eiichiro pays much attention on each move Takuma and Araya use in the match and appreciates how amazing Takuma is.

Takuma wins the match against Araya. Araya takes back what he said before that he will give up as a pro as he found a way to become stronger. Now that the finals is finished, Natsu pushes Eiichiro to prepare for the awarding ceremony. When Eiichiro goes to his bag to return his notebook, he sees someone busy checking one of his notebooks.


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