What Would You Do? (どうするの? Dō Suru no?) is the 47th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Soji Ike, Natsu's childhood friend, comes to Japan for his debut as a pro. Now that Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit has ended, Eiichiro's friends are shifting gears for All-Japan Junior Tennis Tournament while Eiichiro asks a question to his parents.


Eiichiro is surprised that someone is checking his notebook as if the stranger owns it. He tries to confront the stranger but he just ended up answering the stranger's questions. Just as Eiichiro is about to get irritated, the stranger's phone rings and the person on the other line demands the stranger to know the whereabouts. After ending the call, the stranger leaves a message to Eiichiro - to tell Coach Miura that Soji Ike will greet everyone in the future. Eiichiro realizes that the stranger turns out one of the top 10 tennis players in Japan.

At the awarding ceremony, Oobayashi feels strange that his first round opponent in the previous year is now included in the top 4 of the current year's tournament. After the closing ceremony Eiichiro informs everyone about Ike's appearance and is surprised about the reaction of everyone, especially Natsu's. Ike is in Japan for his debut match at ATG Open.

Many tennis members want to practice in preparation for All-Japan Junior Tournament. Eiichiro cannot participate in the tournament since he fell short in the rankings. Coach Miura tells Eiichiro that they are going to have a talk about his future career. Later, at dinner, Eiichiro asks a hypothetical question to his parents about his future plans.


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