A Dangerous Person (アブナイ人 Abunai hito) is the 48th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro is starting to think seriously whether he will pursue his tennis career or not. On Natsu's invitation, Eiichiro watches Ike's debut as a pro in ATG Open.


Eiichiro's mother is surprised about Eiichiro's sudden question about his plans of being a tennis pro. She feels relieved when Eiichiro tells her the "reason" behind his question. She asks instead about his future plans in college now that he is done with the Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit.

The next day, Eiichiro visits Kageyama to give Kageyama his English textbook and researches about professional tennis. While Kageyama is surprised that Eiichiro is seriously considering of being a pro, Kageyama still wants to support Eiichiro on whatever choice he makes.

At STC, Eiichiro is surprised at how Takuma is getting more serious at his practice in preparation for All Japan Junior. While watching, Natsu calls out Eiichiro in order to invite him to watch Ike's debut match which he accepts.