The Clincher (決定打 Ketteida) is the 49th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro accompanies Natsu to watch Ike's debut as a professional player which causes Eiichiro to have deeper thought whether he really wants to become a pro.


Eiichiro is surprised that many people are cheering for Ike. Ike waves at Natsu and Eiichiro when he sees them from the audience. Eiichiro learns from Natsu that Natsu is the one who introduced Ike to the world of tennis.

At the start of the three-set match, Eiichiro asks Natsu the reason behind of Ike being a "dangerous person". Turns out, Ike is only dangerous during tennis match, a predator who found his prey - someone who likes beating down his opponents. While watching the match, Eiichiro realizes that Ike's build is entirely for tennis, including his environment and his activities. As he continues to imagine it, he is starting to live in that kind of environment as well.

Ike wins his debut match. After the match, Eiichiro asks Natsu on her opinion if Eiichiro pursues of becoming a pro like her. Natsu is surprised with the question but she understands Eiichiro's feelings as she also wanted to catch up with Ike. Her reasons of becoming a pro has changed and Eiichiro is the reason behind the change, which makes Eiichiro flustered. With his talk with Natsu, Eiichiro becomes more determined to do something.


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