The Beginning (スタート Sutaato) is the 50th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro successfully persuades his parents for him to focus entirely on tennis until the next All-Japan Junior Tennis Tournament. Ike visits STC and is allowed to have a 10-minute practice with the members of STC. Upon Eiichiro's turn and the absence of Ike's managers, Ike suggests a match against Eiichiro.


Eiichiro gives a presentation to his parents in order to allow him to have a year of focusing entirely for tennis. While his mother is initially opposed to this idea, with the help of his father, they have managed to persuade her in the end, under the condition that if Eiichiro loses in the All-Japan Junior Competition, he will give up in his tennis career. In his mother's case, she only allows him to this plan because it will be better for him to lose his enthusiasm rather than forcing him to study at his current state.

Now that he got his parents' permission, Eiichiro has reworked his schedule. STC has backed him up for his plan as they also have high expectations on him. With this, Eiichiro has transferred to Court A where Natsu and the others are waiting for him.

Ike has appeared to greet everyone at STC. With the suggestion of Coach Miura and the agreement of Ike's staff, each STC member are allowed to have a 10-minute ball practice with Ike. On Eiichiro's turn, Eiichiro feels that Ike is just using half of his strength and hits at easy areas. When Ike notices that his staff is absent, Ike calls out Eiichiro and suggests to have a match instead of a ball practice.