An Asset (財産 Zaisan) is the 51st chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro gets the chance to have a match against Ike but is stopped by Ike's staff after Eiichiro successfully gets a point.


Eiichiro accepts Ike's invitation of having a match. The spectators are wondering if Eiichiro and Ike are having a ten-minute match. Instead of focusing on how many points he can win, Eiichiro focuses on how he can win one point against a professional tennis player. Eiichiro uses everything he has in order to return Ike's hits but he indeed feels the difference of his ability and Ike's. The spectators have mixed feelings on the current match. Some view it as a cruel match because of the difference of their abilities while others view it as Ike being serious whoever his opponent is. With a bit of deceit, Eiichiro manages to get a point against Ike, much to surprise of spectators and Ike's chagrin.

After Eiichiro wins a point, Ike's staff start yelling, scolding Ike for having a match when he is only supposed to have a ball practice. Ike asks for Eiichiro's name and tells him not to use polite language since they are around the same age. With his short match against a professional, Eiichiro wants to remember this feeling as a motivation for him to pursue his dream.