The All-Japan Junior (全日本ジュニア Zen Nihon Junior) is the 53rd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro accompanies Coach Miura for the All-Japan Junior Tournament. There, he meets some of the top 6 seeded players on the tournament.


Eiichiro barely managed to sleep due to his exhaustion in his body transformation training menu. As he thinks of negative thoughts, he rearranges his thoughts again to regain his confidence of having a tennis professional career. The next day, Coach Miura invites Eiichiro to accompany the coach to Osaka, where the All-Japan Junior Tournament will be held, as a form of motivation for next year.

When they reach the location, Eiichiro is surprised on everything he sees - the atmosphere, the courts, the players. When he sees the tournament bracket, he is even more surprised that Miyagawa and Oobayashi are not seeded. Araya is only a 16th seeded player and there are three seeded players above Takuma.

When Coach Miura leaves him, Eiichiro checks one of the matches. As he watches Kanda's match, he notices a spectator encoding his observation data in the computer. This spectator also notices Eiichiro who is taking down notes in his notebook. Later, after Takuma and Azusa appear, Eiichiro is surprised to learn that the spectator beside him is actually the 2nd seed of the tournament, Yu Nabae. He wonders on the kind of tennis style Nabae plays.