In Progress (進行中 Shinkōchū) is the 55th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro's hard work starts to bear fruit as he wins the STC Cup Kanagawa Tournament.


After two months, Eiichiro finally finishes his body transformation training menu and he only has three days to rest for the STC Cup Kanagawa Tournament. Since Araya and the other top players are not present in this tournament, this is the best opportunity for Eiichiro. Unfortunately, after three days, not only he does not have any data his opponents, he feels so exhausted due to his training.

At his first match, his hits are awkward due to his muscle pain. As his match progresses though, his body gets lighter, making his performance better than before and wins the match. Turns out, it is due to "active rest" - which has a faster recovery to an exhausted body.

On the third day, Eiichiro realizes that he moves better than before. It is easier to adjust his shots and control his swings. Even Terashima, his opponent, notices the difference on his tennis style. In the end, Eiichiro wins a landslide victory in the finals match.


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