Just Getting Started (頑張り所 Ganbari Dokoro) is the 56th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


After winning the STC Cup Kanagawa Tournament, it is time for Eiichiro to resume his responsibilities as part of committee in the Oosugi Festival.


Eiichiro is very happy when he approaches Coach Miura after his win. He has started to feel the effects of his body transformation. Coach Miura tells Eiichiro that the body transformation training menu will continue until Eiichiro's build is for athletes. For the mean time, Eiichiro gets his award for winning the tournament.

After the tournament, Eiichiro is in charge in handling the reception of Oosugi Festival because he was not able to attend the committee meetings. As he is starting to get hungry, Natsu brings Eiichiro some snacks during her break. As Natsu sits besides him, Eiichiro wonders if he will experience the same treatment if he did not start playing tennis. When Natsu tells him that the classmates view the way she treats Eiichiro as if she is his girlfriend, Eiichiro asks Natsu her reply on such statement. Eiichiro's mind goes blank when Natsu inquires him about the reply she supposes to give. Eiichiro and Natsu do not know that Sasaki and Kageyama are watching their scenes. Before Natsu leaves Eiichiro, Natsu congratulates Eiichiro to his win.

After the festival, their classmates wonders about Eiichiro's situation because he is more focused on playing tennis and his academic performance is dropping. Kageyama assures them that Eiichiro has not changed yet - he focuses on a different field instead.