Power to Transform (変化する力 Henkasuru Chikara) is the 57th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro's first opponent in All-Japan Junior Indoor Selectionals, Kantou Preliminaries turns out to be Nabae, the 1st seed.


Coach Miura calls out Eiichiro, Natsu, Yukichi and Kosaka to show them the tournament brackets for the upcoming All-Japan Junior Indoor Selectionals, Kantou Preliminaries. A player should win twice in order to be qualified for the All-Japan Junior Indoor Finals. Things get difficult for Eiichiro and Yukichi as their first round opponent turn out to be Nabae and Okada, respectively. Takuma will not play for this year's tournament because he has to join the standard competitions for professional tennis players.

Eiichiro and Coach Miura checks the match of Takuma versus Nabae. Eiichiro notices that unlike the first round when he watches Nabae play, Nabae's tennis style during his match against Takuma is more offensive type and aggressive, which is similar to Ike's. Nabae's tennis style is similar to Eiichiro's, having no strengths nor weaknesses and does data collection which will be a factor on deciding the tennis style to be used against the opponent.

Takuma suddenly switches off the DVD player and asks them to stop watching such embarrassing match. Eiichiro then confirms if Takuma, indeed, will not join junior competitions anymore. Upon hearing the confirmation, Eiichiro asks Takuma for a match similar to an official match but Takuma rejects it. Upon knowing their first round opponent, both Nabae and Eiichiro have started to think of ways on how to deal their opponent.


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