First Game (ファーストゲーム Fāsuto Gēmu) is the 58th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro and Nabae's three-set match starts. Eiichiro takes advantage of Nabae not having data on him in order to gain points.


While Eiichiro is preparing for his match against Nabae, he remembers the details during his observation in the match between Nabae and Takuma. He notices that while Nabae was aggressively attacking Takuma, Nabae toned down his attacks whenever Takuma hit his signature serves or volleys.

A lot of people are present on this match - which includes seeded players like Araya, Ide and Okada - to watch Nabae's match as he plays a wide variety of tennis styles. The spectators are surprised when Eiichiro gets the first point in the first set but some think that it is too early to make such judgement. Nabae considers the reason behind Eiichiro's good movements. With his body now catching up with his good eyes, Eiichiro tries to win points before Nabae learns more of his own tennis style.


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