Accumulation (蓄積 Chikuseki) is the 59th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Nabae continues to gather data about Eiichiro as the first set match continues.


A lot are surprised that Eiichiro wins the first game with Nabae as his opponent but Nabae does not show any surprise with the results. From the first game, Nabae has gotten the following:

  • Eiichiro's fast reactions due to his eyes
  • Eiichiro is an all-rounder
  • Eiichiro will not attack unless he is given a chance
  • Eiichiro smashes with full power.

At his service game, Eiichiro is trying to win as fast as possible but Nabae does not allow him to do so. Nabae even uses his service game to collect more data. In the first three games, Eiichiro and Nabae manage to hold their service games. Eiichiro notices that Nabae's play is on defense which probably because of Nabae gathering data. While Eiichiro wonders how Nabae collects data, Nabae has gotten the gist of Eiichiro's tennis style - turns out, it is similar to Nabae's former self.