Ideal (理想 Risō) is the 60th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


As Nabae realizes that Eiichiro is similar to his past self, he has realized how to attack Eiichiro's weaknesses that even Eiichiro has not realized yet.


Nabae confirms his assumption that Eiichiro is similar to his past self when one never doubts in the "basic" styles and focuses on "mastering" it. With this, Nabae starts attacking Eiichiro, taking advantage of the Eiichiro's being too loyal on "basic" styles. Eiichiro thinks that Nabae is reading not only his moves but his mind as well. With this, Nabae easily manages to break Eiichiro's service game.

Nabae continues to dominate the first set. Eiichiro realizes that Nabae seems to know all of his tennis, now that Nabae is attacking his weaknesses. Ide and Okada notice that Eiichiro seems to be inexperienced as he is not fully aware on how to use his weapons yet. During change court breaks, Eiichiro is desperately trying to search for ways on how to overcome Nabae and it seems that he finds something and tests it in the next game.