Rationality to Fight (戦う理性 Tatakau Risei) is the 61st chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


After Eiichiro manages to win a point against Nabae in a volley battle, Nabae deliberately sacrifice another point to recover his mental state.


Both Nabae and Eiichiro move forward for a volley battle. The eyes become advantageous for Eiichiro which leads him victorious in the volley battle. All of the spectators are surprised with the result of the battle. Some are wondering if the win is a fluke while others think that the battle shows the natural talent of a player. In Eiichiro's case, through his eyes, not only he can see better the hits but he can react faster as well.

Eiichiro wins another point but notices that Nabae has toned down the tempo of his attack. It seems that Ide and Okada know something behind Nabae's change of style - that it shows Nabae was really shaken on the result of the volley battle. At the next point, Nabae becomes aggressive again on his attacks. Eiichiro realizes that this is similar on how Nabae reacts whenever Takuma hits a service ace but he wonders the reason behind such action.

Turns out, Nabae's toning down the tempo is his way of recovering his mental state since shape-shifting tennis needs 100% rational state of mind. So if Nabae's emotions start to distract him, he will definitely return to his original state even if he has to sacrifice a point.


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