Choices (選択肢 Sentakushi) is the 62nd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


At second set, as Eiichiro is thinking of plans in order to outwit Nabae, Nabae changes his tennis style and shows his power as the nation's number 1.


When Natsu comes after winning her match, Yukichi gives the gist of Nabae and Eiichiro's match. While Eiichiro's play is still good, his opponent is pretty strong. Since Nabae got surprised on the earlier volley battle, Eiichiro wants to have such opportunity again. But he did not manage to have such opportunity, resulting of Nabae winning the first set.

During the break, Nabae notices that Eiichiro is starting to cover his weaknesses and thinks what to do next. Eiichiro still has no weapon to use in order to win against Nabae. At second set, Nabae changes his tennis style to a serve-and-volley. It may not be as good as Takuma's but it is still more than enough to turn it to one of his weapon. Nabae's serves look really fast because of his variety of shots. With this variation, Nabae starts to show his abilities of being the nation's #1.


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