Shred of Doubt (一抹の疑問 Ichimatsu no Gimon) is the 63rd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


With Natsu's silent encouragement, Eiichiro considers control as his weapon against Nabae.


Eiichiro starts to lose his confidence as Nabae continues to attacks aggressively and uncover the weaknesses that Eiichiro is not even aware of. Eiichiro feels helpless on the attacks even though he can see it. Just when he is in despair, he sees Natsu who cheers for him not to give up and win. With this, Eiichiro changes his way of thinking - that there is still a way for him to win. He starts to consider to modify his 9-partition control to have a better aim.

Eiichiro decides to use a 100-partition control for the following attacks but controlling his aim using such partition is really hard even for him. Nabae ponders why Eiichiro's attacks become unstable and if he is changing his tennis style. For the next point, Eiichiro, then, positions himself in order to have a better timing on hitting the ball using a 100-partition. He successfully hits the ball on where he intended to. Nabae's counter becomes weak, thus, Eiichiro manages to take advantage the open court and wins a point against Nabae.


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