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Control (コントロール Kontorōru) is the 64th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro starts to adjust his shots in order to have a better control on his hits.


Finally, Eiichiro manages to win a point using control with 100 partition. Even though he needs a lot of points in order to win the second set, he has no choice but to improve his control as this is the only weapon he currently has. On the next attacks, Eiichiro does a trial-and-error to improve his control. He considers the number of partitions and how much power and speed is needed in order to have a better control.

Eiichiro continues to improve the control as he does not have the height of Takuma nor the power of Araya. After several attempts, he finally lands another successful attack against Nabae. Coach Miura is impressed for Eiichiro as Eiichiro manages to solidify his tennis style even though he is being cornered.


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