Strategic Ability: D (戦略D Senryaku D) is the 66th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Even though he wins the match, Nabae has changed his view to Eiichiro. Eiichiro uses his experience as an evaluation on how huge the gap is between him and national-level tennis players.


Eiichiro is surprised on the judgment of the referee that his last attack was considered an out even though for him, it should be 'in'. He tried to protest the judgment but the referee's judgment remain unchanged, making Nabae the winner of the match. Nabae himself considers Eiichiro's last attack as 'in' but sometimes, it is inevitable for a referee to make mistakes on judgments. Still, Nabae praises Eiichiro for his determination on his attacks.

Eiichiro feels so frustrated on the results of the match, yet he reflects on the experiences he had - what Nabae has that he lacks, how much effort did Nabae compare to his. When he sees Nabae who is currently cooling down, he asks for Nabae's evaluation. After some awkward pauses, Nabae still gives his evaluation - Mental Strength = A, Technique = Bs and Cs, Physical Ability = B and Strategic Ability = D. Even though he graded Eiichiro's strategic ability as D, he also reconsiders it to A under certain circumstances. Nabae, then, asks Eiichiro to forget about what he said because of the feeling that they will face again each other in a match someday. For now, Eiichiro views Nabae as a wall to surpass in order to become a pro.

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