To the Nationals (全国へ Zen Koku he) is the 67th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro is watching the matches in the men's division when he learns that Natsu is in pinch. When Eiichiro returns to the courts of men's division, he is surprised how Ide attacks even though he is in close game.


Eiichiro wonders how Okada's attacks are going in well in spite of using rising shots. At Ide and Narikiyo's match, he is surprised to see that Narikiyo has already broken Ide's service game. Though according to Nabae, Eiichiro should focus more on Ide as Ide's mentality is similar to a professional athlete. If Nabae is going to have a match against Ide, Nabae will dominate Ide from the start and avoid close match.

While Eiichiro continues to watch the matches, he receives a text message from Kageyama, telling Eiichiro that Natsu is in pinch in her match against Nakajou. Eiichiro immediately goes to the courts to check Natsu's situation. In Eiichiro's eyes, even though Natsu is losing, her opponent is struggling more than her. In the end, Natsu still manages to win due to her concentration.

After Natsu's match, Eiichiro returns to the courts of men's division. Eiichiro is surprised that Ide is now winning and he even manages to catch the attention of Narikiyo's fangirls. Now, Eiichiro is starting to have a better view of national level tennis.

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