What Should I Do? (何しょう Nanishō) is the 69th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


At Coach Aoi's instructions, Eiichiro does "what he wants to do", not the "things he has to do".


After the warm-up, Coach Miura introduces Sakakibara and Aoi as the new coaches in STC. Eiichiro and Coach Aoi formally make an introduction. Coach Aoi learns from Coach Miura the reason behind Eiichiro is in the rush. He checks the current schedule of Eiichiro and asks if Eiichiro is doing more than what was written in the schedule. As he checks Eiichiro's schedule, Coach Aoi remembers his conversation he had with Coach Miura when he stopped Eiichiro from running. After checking the notes, he ends Eiichiro's practice early and commands that Eiichiro should do what he wants and not the things he has to do and write everything he did in the notebook. In spite of his complaints, Eiichiro has no choice but to go home.

At home, Eiichiro realizes that he has nothing to do and feels frustrated that he is slacking off while others are working hard. The next day, he meets up with Kageyama. Kageyama learns about Eiichiro's assignment and asks Eiichiro what to do then. He stops Eiichiro from having a three-hour practice on the court. He explains that Eiichiro had a similar case before when he tried to remember everything about the middle school lessons but ended up getting a terrible grade because he blanked out. He then mentions to Eiichiro that he called someone to accompany them. Turns out, he called Natsu and after Natsu appeared, Kageyama makes an excuse in order to leave the scene. With a bit of hesitation, Eiichiro asks Natsu to go somewhere together.