Without Thinking (思わず Omowazu) is the 70th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro and Natsu go to a lot of places together but Eiichiro does not manage to confess his feelings to Natsu.


Eiichiro asks Natsu to go somewhere together and they agree to meet together at the station after an hour. Kageyama tells Eiichiro to use this chance for him to confess. He also wonders how Eiichiro manages to ask Natsu out and thinks that Eiichiro's new coach is a good match for Eiichiro's personality.

While waiting at the station, Eiichiro thinks how he will act natural in front of Natsu. He keeps himself calm down until Natsu appears. Eiichiro lets Natsu to do what she wants. They go shopping, watch a movie, eat something sweet, go to a tennis match and sing at a karaoke. While Natsu is singing at a karaoke, Eiichiro wonders if this is the right time for him to confess. He has been spacing out that he does not notice that Natsu is already finished her turn at the karaoke. Natsu asks the reason of him being spaced out. Eiichiro tells Natsu what Natsu thinks about Eiichiro. Eiichiro is surprised at Natsu's sudden change of mood and asks for apology. Natsu quickly forgives Eiichiro after she asks for an ice cream and thanks Eiichiro as she had fun.

At home, Eiichiro feels tired but enjoyed that day. He may not able to confess his feelings on that day but he believes that he may able to do it in the future. ... but first, he has to write what he had done on that day on the notebook.


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