My Two Faces (二人の自分 Futari no Jibun) is the 71st chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro learns the importance of his reason and instinct working together. He also starts to learn the between-the-legs shot. But Coach Aoi feels that these things are not enough for Eiichiro to win the All-Japan Junior Competition so he decides to let Eiichiro go to America.


While Coach Aoi checks Eiichiro's notes on what he had done in the past two days, Coach Aoi wonders who accompanies Eiichiro in the second day. After a bit of joking, Coach Aoi explains behind Eiichiro's assignment - the importance of "reason" (conscious/brain) and "instinct" (subconscious/body). Eiichiro's "I have to do it" attitude has been coming strongly that he ignores his instinct completely. While this is not necessarily a bad sign, his instinct will hold him back more so it is important to have both of his instinct and reason work together. During the practices, Coach Aoi applies this by letting Eiichiro choose what he wants to focus on. During these practices, Eiichiro thinks on how amazing Coach Aoi is.

After the freestyle practice, Coach Aoi teaches the between-the-legs shot. In spite of its appearance, it is a proper shot that is more powerful, easier to control and harder for the opponent to read. It is important to practice this shot as this may hit unnecessary body parts while performing this shot.

After the practices, Coach Aoi talks to Eiichiro that these training practices may not enough for him to win the All-Japan Junior Competition. Coach Aoi decides that Eiichiro should go to America as his experiences there should have a huge impact on his tennis style in the future.


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