Different World (別世界 Betsu Sekai) is the 72nd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro decides to go to America to improve his tennis style.


Coach Aoi convinces Eiichiro to go to America as this will be the best shortcut for him to improve his ability. Eiichiro, then, asks Natsu and Tajima regarding their experiences in America. At home, Eiichiro checks the papers given to him about Florida Tennis Academy and learns that Soji Ike and Coach Mike are part of the academy. There is no reason for him not to go - the only exception is his mother who opposes it. But due to his father's persuasion and the promise made before that his parents will support his tennis career until next summer, Eiichiro acquires his parents' permission.

Soon, winter break arrives and the time for Eiichiro's departure. In Florida, he meets up with Coach Mike and has a tour around Florida Tennis Academy. Eiichiro views the academy like a tennis town and cannot believe that he will stay in this place to play tennis. After the tour, Mike introduces Eiichiro to Marcia.