In Florida (イン フロリダ In Furorida) is the 73rd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro meets the tennis players and staff under Florida Tennis Academy. On the first day of his training, he encounters some stuff that were not included in his training in STC.


Eiichiro has a match against Marcia. After the match, Marcia asks if Eiichiro aims for French Open but Eiichiro tells her that he aims for All-Japan Junior. Marcia makes fun of Eiichiro but Coach Mike tells Eiichiro that it is because of her brother having hard time just as he becomes a professional tennis player. Coach Mike brings Eiichiro to dormitory and meets Taira and Krishna. Alex is not present since he eats dinner with his sister. After Taira and Eiichiro have dinner, Taira formally introduces Alex, Krishna and himself while Eiichiro introduces himself in English.

The following day during breakfast, Eiichiro shares seat with Ike. Ike mentions of the point Eiichiro took during their friendly match in STC. Alex and Taira are wondering on certain things while they are listening to Ike and Eiichiro's conversation. After the warm up, they have a meeting to determine the player's current body condition. After Eiichiro's practice, Mike shows the video footage of Eiichiro's practice and mentions how Eiichiro can ask anyone for physical or mental conditioning or use training rooms with world-class machines. It all depends on Eiichiro himself on how he will make use of the facilities.


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