Common Sense (常識 Jiyō Shiki) is 75th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro loses against Alex in a one-set match and the difference between his and their abilities is starting to emerge.


Marcia approaches Atsushi to ask the condition of his brother and learns the condition set by Ike. Marcia believes that a pro will not lose against someone who only aims on an amateur competition. Other tennis players believe as well but they still want to watch the competition because it seems that Ike has high expectations towards Eiichiro.

Eiichiro prepares himself as he is about to face a professional in a match for the first time as his match against Ike was stopped midway. He feels unease as the match continues. On the other hand, Alex does not want to play against Eiichiro because Eiichiro is not a pro - an Asian player who does not know the "basics" of the tennis world.

During their water break, Eiichiro analyzes Alex's attack pattern. Upon resuming of the match, Eiichiro changes his attack pattern but since he is still not familiar with Alex's attack pattern, he loses the match against Alex.


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