Analysis (分析 Bunseki) is 76th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro decides to improve his control after analyzing the matches he had on that day.


Alex approaches Ike and mentions that he won the battle against Eiichiro. He asks Ike about what Ike meant that Eiichiro will not let Alex win easily. Ike mentions that Eiichiro is an amazing player considering that he started playing tennis at the age of 15.

At the branches, Marcia wonders why Eiichiro takes notes meticulously of the match he lost and why he remains happy even though he lost the match. Eiichiro tells Marcia that he is happy that he learns something on his match against her brother. As he goes out to fill in his water bottle, he analyzes Alex's attack pattern. He meets Mike along the way and Mike tells Eiichiro to meet him after dinner. When Eiichiro returns to the courts, he had two matches - against Krishna and another professional player - and lost.

At his meeting with Coach Mike, Mike confirms Eiichiro's analysis. In order to lower the risk and increase the percentage of decisive hits, Eiichiro initially thinks of acquiring more power and more speed but he decides on improving his control instead since he will be much better to concentrate more on areas in which he is more confident.

At the dorm, Taira and Eiichiro see Alex in a bad mood since he got totally owned by Ike. As the other three are resting, Eiichiro starts to create a strategy.