Feeling and Outcome (実感と結果 Jikkan to Kekka) is the 78th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Even though he is improving, Eiichiro is starting to feel frustrated as his losing streak is continuing.


Eiichiro is starting to learn with two-step tennis and getting used to the heavy shots. Even though he misses his hits, he is still happy that he feels that he is getting better. He is still improving his power and speed and continues to practice, check, play, analyze and train based on the state-of-the-art training menu.

After practice, Eiichiro meets Ike. Ike tells Eiichiro that Eiichiro is doing pretty well and has been improving quickly. Then Ike asks Eiichiro of when he and Eiichiro will have a match. Eiichiro thinks that while his ability is improving, he should need to win his future matches as the players in All-Japan Junior are either aiming to be pro or at the level of the professional already.

Eiichiro has a match against Christopher. While Eiichiro lost his match against Christopher, he considers it to be his best match because it is a close match (compared before that he is completely owned). While other tennis players are starting to notice Eiichiro's improvement, Eiichiro continues to lose his match that he is starting to feel frustrated on the current results.