Same (同じように Onaji you ni) is the 80th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


With a routine and to believe in himself, Eiichiro manages to maintain his mental state and not stressing himself from the match - thus, earning his first win in his stay in Florida Tennis Academy.


For some reason, Eiichiro manages to hit a good shot against Pedro. He wonder if it was just a fluke since he completely relied on his luck. He tries to repeat the things he did before that time, that is, fixing his racket and taking a deep breath. He still manages to get another point from Pedro as there are no unnecessary stress when he attacked. He repeated the same thing again every time before the game starts.

Krishna notices that Eiichiro's atmosphere has changed and he is unusually concerned about his racket. Coach Mike comments that it forms of a routine for Eiichiro. Due to Eiichiro executing the routine, he manages to keep his mind clear and not to put too much stress - lessening the chance of careless mistakes. With maintaining his mental state, Eiichiro finally manages to earn his first win in Florida Tennis Academy.


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