Want to Know (知りたいこと Shiritai koto) is the 81st chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


After several losing matches and a New Year Eve's party, Ike becomes Eiichiro's first opponent of the year.


Eiichiro wins the match against Pedro, 7-5. Pedro notices that Eiichiro started making very few mistakes and attacking his weak points. On the benches, Mike explains to Eiichiro the routine and how it helps in maintaining his mental state. Atsushi reads one of the points about Pedro's play in Eiichiro's notebook which causes little commotion in the bench. Atsushi thinks that Eiichiro's hard work has finally borne fruit. Alex tells Eiichiro that Eiichiro can finally face Ike in a match but Eiichiro wants to practice much.

Eiichiro approaches Ike after Eiichiro defeats Christopher in the game but Ike tells Eiichiro to have their match on the following day instead. Eiichiro seems to forget the New Year's Eve party. During party, Eiichiro manages to talk about his personal life with the help of Ike and Atsushi.

The following day, Ike and Eiichiro meet at the court. Ike decides on a one-sided match against Eiichiro. Eiichiro asks Ike of what is like to be a pro and Ike asks Eiichiro if he is wanted to be taught about that world.


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