13 Days (13日間 13 nichikan) is the 83rd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Using the data Eiichiro acquired in two weeks, he tries to win against Alex in the first set. Alex, on the other hand, tries to change his attack pattern.


With Alex accepting the match against Eiichiro, a three-set match between Alex and Eiichiro begins. Using the data Eiichiro gathered in the past two weeks, he succeeds in getting the first break and manages to hold his service game.

During the match, Alex remembers his past matches when he is continuously losing. He compares of what he had done to what Eiichiro has done when he was in his losing streak. While Alex continues to face forward without looking back, Eiichiro uses his own past to reflect. Thus, Alex starts in reflecting his own past - which leads in changing his attack pattern.